Our products and channels are individually configured and designed to get the highest customer retention. It makes MailFire adjusted to you and your customers’ needs.

Marketing Campaign

Easy and Powerful Email Marketing
Create and send newsletters to promote your business
Emails that always reach their destination

Leverage Email Builder

Simple template editor that helps you build your email with a simple drag&drop principle. Now you can create your campaigns on your own or let us take care of your customers.

Avoid Anti-Spam System

Following international email service regulations (ISP) allows sending thousands of emails securely without ending up in the spam folder. Deliver your emails straight to the inbox.

Automate Email Delivery

Creating trigger funnels allows you to automate your email marketing activity in an easy and personalized way. MailfFire will guide you from capture to sale.

Conduct Split Testing

Performing an automatic A/B test provides you with an opportunity to focus on your product development while your customers are choosing what emails works best for them

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Push Notifications

Use Instant Messaging to Send notifications and keep your customers up-to-date.
Promote new products and content from your website, blog, or eCommerce platform.
Analyze reports and track email marketing metrics on the spot.
Raise awareness
A web push notification allows you to keep your customers informed about new content and events that appear on your website
Get attention
Web push notifications help you grab your customers' attention as soon as they open their browser. Our platform automatically delivers the message to you
Персонализируйте сообщения
MailFire's invitations and web push alerts can be personalized. Use unique texts, buttons, colors, and logos to adjust your message to your business goals
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Push Notifications

Empower your email marketing practice and get a 50% higher open rate.
Send push messages to interact with your engaged users
Make direct contact with your new users to convert them into engaged customers
Push through Mobile Marketing Clutter!
Mailfire makes it a cinch to send personalized messages to your app users based on what they do! Connect with them via notifications, time-limited offers, and automatic reminders
Improve Engagement Rate
Our product offers you to leverage app push notifications to increase user retention and keep your current customers more engaged with your brand via smartphones
Integrate Useful Features
MailFire’s products integration is as easy as pie! Ask your developers to join our forces and start leveraging our main features to get more engaged customers
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programming interface

Register on mailfire.io
Get an API KEY
Connect to our API
Start sending emails
Transfer and Send Content Easily
With MailFire, generating emails is painless! You can set up trigger letters (e.g., transaction confirmation, registration, password recovery, etc.) and send them instantly
Compare KPI and Generate reports
Our analytics system allows you to generate reports for your campaigns in real-time. You can compare delivery rates or sending volume and then improve your email practices
Track and Analyze Database
MailFire helps you understand your subscribers better. You can track their engagement and filter nonexistent emails to reduce bounce rates and improve deliverability

Start sending emails via our API
in a few easy steps

Register on mailfire.io
Get an API KEY
Connect to our API
Start sending emails
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